Kelco Industries is a market leader offering over 100 years of cost-effective, high-performance precision engineered components used across a broad range of industries.
We’re proud to manufacture custom engineered solutions for our customer’s unique challenges. Each division of Kelco brings its rich history of excellence and responsive turnaround to exceed your expectations.
Kelco offers the highest quality solenoids, switches, relays, coils, injection- and insert-molded products, PTFE and lathe cut elastomer seals, bellows, expansion joints, and flexible connectors to meet our customers’ unique needs. We’re the trusted go-to partner for forward-thinking companies looking for efficient, bottom-line boosting solutions in the following markets:

• Industrial
• Oil and Gas
• Automotive
• Agriculture
• Medical

If you’re ready to be more efficient and build your bottom line, contact us at 815-334-3600 or by email at [email protected]. We’re proud to serve our longtime clients and welcome the opportunity to help new customers.

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