Diversification Means Customers Have Faster and More Cost-Effective
Design and Engineering Options

Kelco Industries is excited to offer our customers expanded capabilities in the design, engineering and production of high-performance machine components. “The diverse capabilities of our four divisions means we can take care of all our customer’s needs in-house,” said CEO Kevin Kelly. “Kelco can react to customer requests with a quick design and prototype samples they can put into testing and review,” Kelly explained. Production methods include 3D printed, tool & dye, shop built, injection molded, insert molded and machine cut products. Additionally, we use exotic metals and plastics that are domestically manufactured in North America.

Guardian Electric is now Kelco Industries and remains a leader in the manufacture of aerospace control grips, relays, solenoids and spring kits that meet the highest industry standards.

Advanced Molding Technologies is now Kelco Industries and offers electrical connectors made from a variety of plastics and metals, plus we specialize in engineering grade nylons and acetals.

Flex-Weld is now Kelco Industries with over a century of expertise designing and manufacturing the industry’s top quality flexible metal hoses, expansion joints and loops, bellows, compensators, pump connectors and more.

Western Consolidated Technology is now Kelco Industries, a market leader in high-performance valve components, seals, rings and gaskets.

For over a century, Kelco Industries has solved manufacturing and assembly problems for dozens of industries, plus we offered hundreds of components and products with thousands of applications. Those numbers add up to one thing – efficient and innovative solutions for our customer’s unique challenges.

There are a lot of exciting things going on in 2020 for Kelco Industries. Be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn for ongoing news and updates. LinkedIn.com/company/KelcoInd

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