Flex-Weld, Guardian Electric, Advanced Molding Technologies and Western Consolidated Technologies’ Line of Products and Services Now Accessible on One Website www.kelcoind.com

Kelco Industries launches a new website consolidating the entire expanded product line and services from all four divisions of the company in one location. Customers of Flex-Weld, Guardian Electric, Advanced Molding Technology and Western Consolidated Technologies can now easily access everything Kelco Industries has to offer.

Four Divisions. One Website.
“The new website allows customers to easily find what they need, and also learn about opportunities for cost reductions across product divisions,” said Kevin Kelly, CEO of Kelco Industries. “Previously, customers who did business with one of our brands didn’t know everything Kelco had to offer. Now it’s one-stop shopping.”

Kelco is the go-to partner for forward-thinking companies looking for efficient, bottom-line boosting products and solutions across many industries, including:

Renewable Energy – custom wound coils, DC latching solenoids, laminated solenoids, frame solenoids, etc.
Construction – custom solenoids, DC latching solenoids, laminated solenoids, frame solenoids, tubular solenoids, spring kits, etc.
Aerospace – MS 5 way switch, MS 4 way switch, rocker switch, linear transducer, trigger switch, toggle switch, slide switch, thumbwheel switch, tripleX 4 way switch, 5 way mini switch
Automotive – value added sub components, electrical connectors
HVAC – HPH series heat pump/water hose, gold series braided hose assemblies, gold plus series braided hose assemblies, silver series braided hose assemblies, expansion and seismic loops
And additionally:
Medical, Transportation, Industrial & Chemical, Security, Water Reclamation, Food & Beverage, and Marine

Custom Design Services
Kelco Industries provides excellence in design and fabrication of high-quality engineered products to its customer’s exact specifications. Their strength is solving problems with innovative solutions where the competition failed, and Kelco guarantees zero defects and competitive pricing. “We’re excited for our customers to learn about all the expanded benefits we offer,” Added Kelly.

Request a Quote
The new Kelco website has a simple, one-click “Request a Quote” feature that appears on top of every page. No matter which division a customer does business with, clear and affordable pricing information is easily accessible. The dedicated Kelco customer service team strives to respond to all inquiries with lightning speed.

Additional Features
The mobile responsive website provides an excellent user experience, whether accessed on a phone, tablet, laptop or computer. Kelco’s customers thrive in demanding industries, and often work in the field where they’ll need access to reliable and convenient product information. The website is designed to ensure total customer satisfaction while on the go, including downloadable product brochures and sell sheets, and a complete distributor network with contact information.

The website also features Kelco’s company history, certifications and career opportunities.

Looking Ahead
There are a lot of exciting things going on in 2020 for Kelco Industries. Be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn for ongoing news and updates. www.linkedin.com/company/kelcoind

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