When exact standards and precise design matter most, manufacturers of life-changing devices turn to Kelco Industries for reliable and optimal components. “We are proud to take care of the Healthcare Industry with our plastics, solenoids, seals, rings, gaskets and more,” said CEO Kevin Kelly.

Kelco Industries supplies elctro-mechanical component parts that are found in oxygen sensors, electrolyte and blood analyzers, laboratory centrifuges, medicine dispensers, pneumatic tube systems, sterile processing systems, ER room oxygen bellows and breathing systems, among many other medical applications.

Our many strategic partners within he Healthcare Industry include GE Medical, Helmer Scientific, Quest Diagnostics, CareFusion, Swisslog Healthcare, Diamond Diagnostics, Steris Canada, Vyaire, and Philips Medical and Aqueduct Critical Care.

“With the population getting older, Healthcare is a strong growth industry and we are passionate about manufacturing component parts used in equipment that allows health care workers provide better care in our communities,” added Kelly.

Western Consolidated Technologies is now Kelco Industries, and continues to provide products where high-purity and optimal performance is required. Advanced Molding Technologies is now Kelco Industries, and delivers custom products to solve customers’ design-to-production challenges.

There are a lot of exciting things going on in 2020 for Kelco Industries. Be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn for ongoing news and updates. LinkedIn.com/company/KelcoInd

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