Precision Seals & Sub-Assembly System Components

For Critical Construction Industry Applications

Every construction project is unique and Kelco Industries delivers highly engineered custom components as well as commercial (COTS) and modified off-the-shelf (MOTS) solutions for applications in a demanding construction environment.

Kelco Industries is backed by the expertise and knowledge of four divisions – Guardian Electric, Advanced Molding Technologies, Flex-Weld, and Western Consolidated Technologies and together we are a globally trusted manufacturer and supplier of precision sealing and sub-system parts for extreme applications. For over a century our teams have provided expert manufacturing solutions, including engineering design, metal fabrication, and extrusion and molding capabilities to solve the most challenging assemblies.

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Components that Perform In Extreme & Corrosive Environments

1. Flexible Metal Components for HVAC & Exhaust Systems
Using a variety of material types and configurations, Kelco Industries manufactures Flex-Weld and KEFLEX™ flexible metal hoses, bellows, expansion joints, and other flexible engineered components for complex mechanical systems. Our welded metal bellows perform under extreme temperatures and are corrosion resistant to solve your most critical needs.

2. Custom Wound Electromagnetic Coils for Critical Motor & Sensor Systems
Reliable coil termination technology, highly skilled welding, and soldering technicians, and innovative solutions make Kelco Industries the best manufacturer and supplier of multi-faceted custom-wound electromagnetic coils for any voltage, termination, and connector configuration.

3. Precision Sealing Systems and Products
Engineered with safety, performance, and durability in mind, Kelco’s full line of thermoplastic and elastomer products are used in critical sealing systems for the construction industry. Kelco Industries relies on state-of-the-art PTFE compression molding, rubber extrusion, and metal fabrication methods and technologies to solve the most complex sealing needs and deliver the most effective oil filter seals, radiator caps seals, submersible pump seals, and other machined engineered plastic components for subassembly systems.

Our customers partner with Kelco Industries for cost-effective and high-quality, precision seals and gaskets, custom electromagnetic coils, and flexible engineered exhaust components that perform under the most extreme conditions.

When Precision Matters, Kelco Delivers Parts for Safety-Critical Applications

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