Guardian Electric Division is a Key Supplier for the Security Industry

What does a drive-thru window at your favorite fast-food restaurant have in common with a garage door? What does a hotel room locking system have in common with an ATM machine?

The answer is they all use Kelco Industry solenoids from our Guardian Electric division in their closing and locking mechanisms.

“People interact with our solenoids all the time without knowing it,” said Kelco CEO Kevin Kelly. “Every time someone locks their garage door or gate, Kelco’s solenoids are in the automated locking and security systems.”

“The next time you order a burger, thank Kelco Industries as you’re handed your food from the window that uses our solenoids,” joked Kelly. “And if you go inside to order, our solenoids are in the push mechanism on the door.”

Kelco’s solenoids also address security needs in vending machines, gaming equipment, medicine disbursement systems, office equipment, access panels and other electronic systems. We are also used in systems that secure door locks and airplane landing systems in the Aerospace and Military sectors.

All our Frame, Tubular, Laminated, DC Latching, Spring Kit, and Custom Solenoids are manufactured in America.

We’re proud to serve our longtime clients and welcome the opportunity to help new customers. If the requirements of your business have changed and you need a fast turnaround, please contact us at 815-334-3662 or by email at [email protected].

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