30MC Series Bellows and Expansion Joints


Flex-Weld 30MC Series General Purpose / Low Pressure Expansion Joints, are available in sizes 4” through 42”.  Multi-Ply Stainless Steel Bellows construction, movement rated at 30,000 cycles plus. Manufactured to order for your specific application requirements. Available options include Flanged, Weld, or Groove Ends. Internal Flow Liner, Control Rods. Single, Dual, or Triple Bellows designs available for increased movements. Manufactured with 304SS, 321SS, or 316SS materials. Well-suited for a variety of applications including Wastewater Treatment, Construction, Generators, Exhaust, Aeration, Energy, and Marine.  30MC series available as fully welded expansion joints or as a bellows only, ready for your fabrication.


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