3150 Expansion Joint



High Pressure Expansion Bellows
The Keflex™ 3150 Series Expansion Bellows is designed to meet applications that require pressure ratings up to 150 PSI in a compact length. This is achieved using 3 or 4 plies of heavier gauge stainless steel than is used in our lower pressure rated products. The 3150 series is available in pipe sizes from 2″ up to 12″. These bellows are ideal for OEM’s or repair facilities looking to add desired connections or simply weld the bellows in place in the application. Keflex™ can also create ready to install assemblies using these standard bellows and then installing to customer specification flanges or any other type of connection. Contact us for additional details on custom assemblies utilizing the 3150 Series Bellows.


3150EJ Short Submittal

3150EJ Long Submittal