7Q Series Quadra-Side Expansion Compensator


308/311 series expansion joints

The original heavy-duty Keflex™ 7Q Expansion Compensators are specifically designed for high pressure service, available in sizes ¾” to 4″, in both single and dual units. The single type is capable of absorbing 2″ total movement, 1 ½” in compression and ½” in extension from the factory predetermined setting. The dual type is capable of absorbing 4″ total movement, 3″ in compression and 1″ in extension from the factory pre-determined setting.

The heart of the Keflex™ 7Q Expansion Compensator is the multi-ply type 316L corrosion-resistant stainless steel bellows. These bellows are internally pressurized and operate primarily in compression where they have the greatest hoop strength capability.

The Quadra-Side® square telescoping shrouds encompass the bellows to provide protection against torsion, squirm, misalignment and external damage, as well as preventing over-compression of the bellows. Additionally, the unique design provides visual evidence that the traverse of the unit has not been exceeded. The integral guiding feature of the Quadra-Side® prevents offset to assure the pipe movement is directed axially into the bellows, a requirement for optimum performance.

The square telescopic shroud does not serve as a chamber to contain liquid or gas as do the covers on some other high pressure “compensators”. Therefore, the outside diameter of the Quadra-Side® type compensator is considerably smaller, permitting it to be installed in walls, under floors or behind radiator covers without expensive modifications at the point of installation.


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