Safety, quality, and cost dominate your bottom line. Our solenoids, seals, rings, washers, and gaskets maximize efficiency with minimum waste throughout the food processing and vending industry.

From a safety lock on a meat slicer to prevent injury, to the mechanism that opens a range hood vent – Kelco has you covered with products for your food processing, beverage, and vending needs:

Food Processing Equipment • Vending Machines • Beverage Dispensing • Machinery Locking Systems • Ice Cream Dispensing • Coffee and Espresso Machines


Quality, safety, and operational costs affect your bottom line; rely on Kelco to supply you with the components you need to keep your operations running.

If you’re ready to be more efficient and build your bottom line, contact us at 815-334-3600 or by email at [email protected]. We’re proud to serve our longtime clients and welcome the opportunity to help new customers.

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