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  • 10mc series expansion joint

    10MC Series Bellows and Expansion Joints



  • 1207 series 3 ply exhaust capsules

    1207 Series 3-Ply Exhaust Capsules & Expansion Joints

    The Economical Exhaust Connector.  3-ply Stainless Steel Exhaust bellows and fully welded Exhaust assemblies. Vessel Types: Charter boats Fishing vessels Passenger ferries Pleasure boats Supply vessels Tugs Utility vessels Applications: Generator sets Marine Propulsion Power Units OEM / Custom exhaust The Economical Diesel Engine Replacement Bellows  

  • 1407 series 5 ply exhaust capsules

    1407 Series 5-Ply Exhaust Capsules & Expansion Joints

    The ULTIMATE Exhaust Connector.  Our 5-ply thin wall Exhaust capsules offer high flexibility and lower spring rates resulting in a longer cycle life, providing maximum movement to take the stress off your system. Available as exhaust bellows only ready for your fabrication, or as a fully welded expansion joint ready for installation.  Contact us today…

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    1512-1215 Series Pump Connector

    Maximum vibration absorption, Longest cycle life, Soft spring rate, Ease of installation and maximum safety. Keflex™ Bellows-Type Pump Connectors are designed to compensate for multi-plane axial, lateral and angular movement in non-torsional applications. They are intended for use in both suction and pressure lines to absorb mechanical vibrations caused by pumps, compressors and other pipeline…

  • 308/311 series expansion joints

    308/311 Series – Expansion Joints

    The Original Multi-Ply Expansion Joint – Always Ask For Keflex™ Keflex™ 308 and 311 Series Multi-Ply Expansion Joints are the premier expansion joints in the industry. They offer the ultimate solution to piping thermal expansion problems. A wide variety of end configurations are available and pressure ratings range from vacuum to 600 PSI at room…

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    30MC Series Bellows and Expansion Joints

    Flex-Weld 30MC Series General Purpose / Low Pressure Expansion Joints, are available in sizes 4” through 42”.  Multi-Ply Stainless Steel Bellows construction, movement rated at 30,000 cycles plus. Manufactured to order for your specific application requirements. Available options include Flanged, Weld, or Groove Ends. Internal Flow Liner, Control Rods. Single, Dual, or Triple Bellows designs…

  • 3150 expansion joint

    3150 Series Compact Expansion Joint

    The Keflex™ 3150 Series compact Expansion Joint is designed to meet applications that require pressure ratings up to 150 PSI in a shorter length. This is achieved using 3 or 4 plies of heavier gauge stainless steel than is used in our lower pressure rated products. The 3150 series is available for pipe sizes from…

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    5 Way Mini Switch

    Guardian’s 5-way mini-switch packs multiple switching capabilities into a low profile, mini-envelope size. The series offers 4-way toggling, combined with a 5th pushbutton – center axis capability. It features positive tactile feedback and is readily integrated into panel-mounted or multi-function display configurations. The intuitive operation of this switch is ideal for applications requiring 5 modes…

  • 7q series the quadra side

    7Q Series Quadra-Side Expansion Compensator

    The original heavy-duty Keflex™ 7Q Expansion Compensators are specifically designed for high pressure service, available in sizes ¾” to 4″, in both single and dual units. The single type is capable of absorbing 2″ total movement, 1 ½” in compression and ½” in extension from the factory predetermined setting. The dual type is capable of…

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    Active Sides Stick – Commercial Flight Control Grip

    The latest in the Guardian Electric family of flight control grips. This grip is the state of the art for fly by wire active control for today’s most advanced commercial aircraft. It is designed to eliminate the need of traditional control columns and allows designers to save space in the cockpit and create better comfort…

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    Aerospace Relays

    Guardian offers a range of general purpose, “off-the-shelf” relays for applications throughout a wide variety of industries. DC relay designs are available from 1 amp through 30 amp, in sealed and non-sealed configurations. Coil voltages include 3-110 volt DC. AC relay designs are available from 3 amp through 10 amp, in sealed and non-sealed configurations….

  • pipe guides

    Anchor Clamps

    Select Keflex Anchor Clamps for no-load or low end thrust load expansion joints.  Keflex Anchor Clamps are well-suited for installation with our Keflex expansion loops. These anchor clamps are lightweight, fabricated from ASTM A-36 steel and manufactured in the USA.  Our anchor clamps include 2 brackets for quick and easy installation.  Anchor clamps are not…

  • anchors & brackets


    In accordance with EJMA standards, the proper installation of Anchors and Guides are essential to restraining your piping systems and ensuring your expansion joints and compensators will function properly, as designed.  Main anchors are necessary at the end of each pipe run, with guides installed to prevent the line from bowing, buckling or becoming misaligned…

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    Automated Part Handling

    Advanced Molding Technologies uses state of the art automation for high volume production to maintain the most cost effective molding solutions for our customers. This also enables us to meet stringent production schedules and exceed quality goals both internally and externally.

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    Automated Part Removal

    Regardless of the size or type of component we are molding, AMT can implement a production strategy to exceed our customers requirements.

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    B7 Flight Control Grip

    The B-7 Grip represents the basic aircraft control grip style. The single-piece molded design gives the B-7 control grip exceptional strength, while allowing simplified switch replacement over the life of the grip. This proven grip places up to two switches (shown here as a pushbutton and a 4-way actuation switch) as well as a single…