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    Helical Coil Spring

    Western Consolidated Technologies is an industry leader in the manufacture of high-performance spring energized seals utilizing Cantilever Springs, Helical Springs and Slant Coil Springs.  

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    Horizontal Presses

    Gas Assisted: Gas Assisted Injection Molding is a process where nitrogen gas is injected during the molding cycle, either through the sprue or directly into the mold tool. At a controlled high pressure, this has the benefit of overcoming sink marks or introducing a cavity without the requirement of a core. In-Mold Assembly (IMA): Allows…

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    Hydraulic Coils

  • hydraulic seals

    Hydraulic Seals

    Hydraulic seals are typically used for higher pressure dynamic applications such as hydraulic cylinders.  

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    Laminated AC Solenoids

    Laminated AC Solenoids from Kelco Industries are designed for heavy duty applications that combine high force, high efficiency with quiet operation. The T-shaped laminated designed plunger and the laminated steel frame delivers 25% to 50% more pulling power with a longer stroke than a comparable DC solenoid.  The magnetic coil is encapsulated for enhanced dust…

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    Lathe Cut Gaskets & Washers

    Western Consolidated Technologies Lathe cut rubber seals can be used in place of o-rings in many applications and solve many of the problems inherent to other elastomer seals. Lathe cut rubber seals: Require lower tooling investment Do not have parting line failures like a molded seal Are stable in the gland, not prone to rolling…

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    Lathe Cut Static Seals

    Western Consolidated Technologies Lathe cut static seals are used in a variety of industrial and commercial products. Our customers rely on WCT for high quality and precision lathe cut seals for cost-effective solutions and custom sizes. Products such as: Oil Filter Seals Radiator Caps Seals Water Fountain Seals Submersible Pump Seals AND MUCH MUCH MORE!…

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    Lead Frames and Terminals

    Advanced Molding Technologies manufactures electrical connectors for automotive industry clients worldwide. Our custom-built products are equipped with a variety of features, including an allowable leak rate of 10 cc per minute at 8.5 PSI, an O-ring groove with a .003 inch maximum allowable parting line mismatch, 20 pound capacity load on terminals, and a part…

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    Linear Transducer

    Guardian’s linear transducer switch offers high performance in a versatile compact design for use in a variety of applications. This flexible transducer offers infinite resolution to control x-y axis tracking. The compact design of this switch makes it ideal for use in multi-function displays. It can also be grip or panel-mounted for maximum versatility.  

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    LOH Flight Control Grip

    Expanding on the successful B-8 and Cobra series grips, the LOH Helicopter Control Grip places more functionality at the pilot’s fingertips. Adding a separate radio / ICS rocker switch and another switch location (shown here with a large cap toggle switch), the LOH Helicopter Control Grip improves pilot response time, and reduces fatigue by keeping…

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    Long-life Tubular Solenoids

    Kelco Industries’ Long-life Tubular Solenoids incorporate anti-bottoming features, a stainless-steel plunger sleeve, and Teflon-coated plungers to increase mechanical life. The anti-bottoming ring and washers prevent the plunger from hitting the plug, eliminating destructive shock forces. The stainless-steel plunger sleeve boosts life expectancy over standard thermoplastic cores. The Teflon coating reduces friction and wear between the…

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    MD Flight Control Grip

    The MD Standard control grip keeps vital flight functions at the pilot’s fingertips. The large central 4-way switch trims up the helicopter for stability in flight and hover modes. Pushbuttons control the hook release (for slung loads) and float deployment (for naval operations). The trigger switch changes frequencies between on-board intercom systems and group-wide radio…

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    Metal Bellows

    metal bellows

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    Molded Components

    Advanced Molding Technologies, a division of Kelco Industries, has been custom engineering plastic injection, insert, and overmolded products for over 50 years. We use a range of precision techniques and materials to meet the needs of assembly manufacturers in a multitude of industries from construction, aerospace, and automotive to advanced thermoplastics for devices used in…

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    MS 4 Way Switch

    This high-performance, MS-qualified switch offers a high current rating with positive tactile feedback. Ideal for rugged environments, this switch is both moisture-resistant and dust-tight. This flexible switch offers multiple power ratings and engraved bezels to meet customer requirements. Military and commercial grades are available.  

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    Pipe Guides

    Keflex™ pipe guides are designed to ensure positive pipe alignment by restricting lateral pipe movement while allowing for movement along the axis of the pipe. The pipe guide consists of a spider guide that is clamped to the pipe where movement is to be restrained. The guide body is anchored. The spider moves through the…