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  • pneumatic seals

    Pneumatic Seals

    Pneumatic seals are generally used in pneumatic cylinders which operate under lower pressures than hydraulic seals.  

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    PTFE Seal Rings

    Western Consolidated Technologies is a market leader in the production of Engineered Plastic seal rings for a variety of markets including fluidpower, automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, renewable energies, and medical. Our unique portfolio of materials allow us to supply a quality product at a competitive price. Some of the products that we supply to…

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    PTFE V Packing Seals

    Western Consolidated Technologies V packing seals are highly adaptive sealing products used in telescoping truck hoists, pumps and valves. V packing seals comprises of a set of “V” shaped components which when pressed together form a complete packing assembly.  

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    Rocker Switch

    This high-performance rocker packs a 50,000 cycle electrical and mechanical life into a compact switch. Designed for use in rugged environments this switch is both moisture-proof and dust-tight. This versatile switch is available in either SPDT or DPDT allowing for use in a wider variety of applications. This compact design is easily integrated with a…

  • rod seals

    Rod Seals

    Rod seals interact with wiper elements and together help in the cylinder sealing system.  

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    Rotary Seals

    Rotary shaft seals are used typically on a rotating shaft in wet environments. Designed to keep in grease oil or water inside the application and prevents dirt and water from penetrating inside the application.  

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    Rubber Expansion Joints

    We have a wider array of material and configuration types for rubber expansion joints than any other manufacturer. Our products are designed and engineered to carry a variety of media in pressure or vacuum applications. They absorb distructive system vibration and will contract or expand in response to pipe motion induced from thermal expansion and…

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    Sanitary Gaskets

    Western Consolidated Technologies Sanitary Clamp Gaskets are made from high-performance blends of PTFE. PTFE is chemically inert, can operate in extreme temperatures and can be utilized in applications where high purity is required. We have several food-grade and anti-microbial compounds, which can be installed within FDA and NSF compliant assemblies. WCT’s Sanitary Clamp Gaskets are…

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    Slant Coil Spring

    Western Consolidated Technologies is an industry leader in the manufacture of high-performance spring energized seals utilizing Cantilever Springs, Helical Springs and Slant Coil Springs.  

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    Slide Switch

    This rugged, high-performance switch features a compact panel-mount design with snap action. This flexible switch is available in either SPDT or SPST for use in a wide variety of applications. The positive tactile feedback assures the operator of switch actuation, allowing for safer switching operations. This switch is available in a variety of button shapes…

  • solenoid coil idc connection

    Solenoid Coil with IDC Connection

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    Spring Energized Seals

    Western Consolidated Technologies is an industry leader in the manufacture of high-performance spring energized seals. This sealing technology was developed to handle extreme operating conditions that require: Ultra-Low Friction Aggressive Media Compatibility Extreme Temperatures High Speeds Corrosive Environment The spring energized PTFE seal is a U-cup utilizing a variety of jacket profiles, spring types and…

  • spring kits

    Spring Kits

    Internal Spring Return Options For All Standard Solenoids Guardian Spring Kits are specifically designed to simplify your life through one single source. Guardian Spring Kits are available in different lengths and forces to help engineers and designers in application development and prototyping. Our color coded springs make your selection process simple and easy to determine…

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    Static Seals

    Static seals are typically used where there is no relative motion between mating surface. They can be an O-Ring, Square Ring, Back-up Ring and similar other profiles. They have the ability to provide leak-free seal over an extended period of time.  

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    Straight Flex Connectors UL/Fire

    UL Listed Flexible Connectors Approved for use throughout your fire sprinkler piping systems, these UL listed flex connectors takes stress off your equipment by compensating for vibration, misalignment, and lateral offset. Available in varying lengths to meet your offset needs, our UL flex connectors also come in a variety of end fittings for easy installation.

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    Threaded Inserts

    Advanced Molding Technologies uses a wide variety of plastic resins and combines them with a variety of metal stampings, filters, machined metal parts, gaskets, threaded inserts and other metal components to create value added products for a wide array of industries. This ability allows our customers to provide high quality, cost effective solutions to their…