For over 100 years, the four companies of Kelco Industries have been a market leader in cost-effective, high-performance precision engineered components for the construction industry. All Kelco industrial components are clean, sanitary, and made in America.

Guardian Electric, Western Consolidated Technologies, Flex-Weld, and Advanced Molding Technologies craft industrial product lines and innovative custom engineered solutions for our customer’s unique challenges. Each division brings its rich history of excellence – from responsive turnaround to dependable customer service – to exceed your expectations.


Guardian Electric: Control Grips, Switches, Relays, Solenoids, Custom Wound Coils

Western Consolidated Technologies: Spring Energized PTFE Seals, Lathe Cut Rubber, Valve Components, Gaskets, Custom Products

Flex-Weld: OEM Bellows, Exhaust Bellows, Expansion Compensators, Expansion Joints, Flexible Connectors, Pipe Guides

Advanced Molding Technologies: Injection Molded Parts, Insert Molded Products, Overmolded Components, Automotive Components, Custom Products

Quality, safety, and operational costs affect your bottom line; rely on Kelco to supply you with the components you need to keep your operations running.

If you’re ready to save time and money and increase your bottom line, contact us at 815-334-3600 or by email at [email protected]. We’re proud to serve our longtime clients and welcome the opportunity to help new customers.

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