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Pioneering technology requires innovative processes and reliable systems. Kelco offers a variety of components designed for the most critical applications and extreme operating conditions. Products like valve components for fluid handling systems, custom solenoids, and precision-formed bellows are just the tip of the iceberg. Our cost-effective products improve performance efficiency in solar tracking, nuclear, oil & gas downstream, energy, power generation, and wind turbine solutions – now, and for generations to come.

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Kelco leads in the transportation and automotive sector by offering advanced solutions that emphasize innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. Our range of products, including solenoids, seals, rings, washers, and gaskets, meets the high demands of the industry, focusing on enhancing vehicle performance and safety. With a commitment to reliability and environmental responsibility, Kelco drives advancements in automotive technology, ensuring smoother, more efficient journeys.

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Industrial & Chemical

Advances in industrial and chemical processing require innovations that improve efficiency while considering environmental and safety concerns. We work with our customers using sophisticated technology to grow profits and weed out redundancies. Understanding that down time costs money, Kelco products are designed to withstand extreme operating conditions that require less maintenance, which means less breakage and more productivity.

From chemical and petroleum processing to oil, gas, rubber, and plastics, we provide components to every sector of industrial processing including valves, gaskets, seals, rings, and bellows. At Kelco, we keep products and systems moving seamlessly – on time, and on budget.

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Food & Beverage

Safety, quality, and costs dominate concerns in the food industry. Our solenoids, seals, rings, washers, slides and gaskets maximize efficiency with minimum waste throughout all process and packaging applications.

From a safety lock on a meat slicer to prevent injury, to the solenoid on an espresso machine that opens the valve to clean the milk tube, to the mechanism that opens the vent on range hoods – Kelco has you covered with products for food, beverage, and packing equipment.

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HVAC & Plumbing

When climate control is essential, engineers, manufacturers, and technicians rely on our high-quality expansion joints, compensators, hoses, loops, and pump connectors to boost performance, reliability, and efficiency in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry.

We proudly serve up solutions to HVAC needs in the food & beverage, transportation, commercial and industrial sectors where equipment downtime costs money. Kelco’s large inventory of market-proven and custom designed expansion joints, hoses, loops, thermoplastic seals and connectors help our customers keep their cool.

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Better product efficiencies mean a better bottom line. Our many quality products are used in critical applications in building and infrastructure for industrial construction, residential buildings, water treatment facilities, schools, infrastructure, and retail.

Build better with the premier expansion joints in the industry, available in a wide variety of configurations. Kelco’s relays, compensators, bellows and connectors are used with confidence throughout job sites. Kelco is your partner committed to safety and affordability.

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For over a century, Kelco Industries has been designing and manufacturing custom engineered solutions in mission critical applications for the Military and Defense Industries. We design Motion Control Grips for both helicopters and fixed wing fighters. Classic Designs such as the LOH, B-7 and B-8 Control Grips offer exceptional capability, all the way up through the most complex Throttle/Collective Control for the V-22 Osprey. We offer custom designed handle shapes in single to multiple piece volumes that do not require expensive casting tooling that can be qualified for flight. Kelco also offers a wide variety of custom switch technologies, standard and custom solenoids, plastic injection molded products, flexible metal products and seals and sealing elements. Our products are designed to meet your needs and endure the rigors of flight.

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When your technology literally must reach a whole new level, Kelco responds with engineering expertise and forward-thinking solutions designed to perform under the most critical environments. Commercial, business, recreational and military aircraft manufacturers rely on our established expertise in the field to provide them with leading-edge and custom designed products.

We are renown as a global leader in motion control grips, solenoids, sealed relays, bellows, hose assemblies, seals, valves, and rings. Keep your costs down to earth while you watch your profitability soar to new heights with Kelco technologies.

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When your business requires the highest levels of security, you can count on Kelco to deliver. For over 100 years, Guardian Electric Manufacturing, a Division of KELCO Industries, has been the industry leader in the manufacture of high-quality solenoids for the security market. From AC laminated, AC & DC frame, DC tubular, DC long life tubular, and DC latching solenoids, KELCO offers an infinite range of modifications to standard designs to fully customize assemblies for your specific needs. Applications include but are not limited to:

• Security Gate Locks • Turnstile Locks • Door Locks • Drawer Locks • Cabinet Locks • Mobile Pharmaceutical Carts

Our solenoids are highly configurable and we can fabricate custom plungers to interface with almost any application. Tight manufacturing tolerances and robust materials yield outstanding performance, high reliability, and long life.

Hydropower plant

Water Reclamation

Essential to life and your business, Kelco delivers reliable water treatment and infrastructure solutions to help optimize your specific water refining processes. High-performance thermoplastic products are ideal in environments where high purity is required. Versatile and cost-effective lathe cut rubber seals can be sized to any application. Pipe guides protect the integrity of the mechanics of your operation and streamline efficiency.

Quality, safety, and operational costs affect your bottom line; rely on Kelco to supply you with the components you need to keep running smoothly.

Cargo Ship


Environmental and operational challenges are met with smart solutions and forward-looking innovations. We provide a wide range of high-performance materials and custom engineered products to your exact specifications for the boating, marine, and shipping industry for the commercial, industrial, and military markets.

We serve boat manufacturers and maintenance specialists concerned with bottom-line costs and reliability with a wide range of high-performance components and custom engineered products. Kelco’s exhaust connectors are utilized on tugs, barges, passenger and pleasure boats, ferries, fishing, and other vessels. Our fleet of products, including seals, tubes, billets, joints, and hose assemblies, are fundamental to your success in the boat business.

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The medical industry demands exact standards and our precision-engineered components deliver. Kelco manufacturers life-changing devices that meet the rigorous demands of the medical industry with reliable components that are clean, sanitary, and made in America. Kelco products that are used in medical devices include seals, rings, tubes, billets, solenoids, and gaskets for applications including ventilators, respirators, blood analyzers, fluid dispensing, pinch valves, pharmaceutical dispensing, centrifuges, imaging, and sterile processing systems.

We’re proud to serve many customers in the medical industry, including: GE Medical, Helmer Scientific, Quest Diagnostics, Philips Medical, and Aqueduct Critical Care. We also supply components to the following customer products:

  • CareFusion: automated medical dispensing cabinets
  • Swisslog Healthcare: pneumatic tube systems
  • Diamond Diagnostics: electrolyte analyzers for both human and veterinary applications; clinical laboratory equipment
  • Steris Canada: surgical & sterile processing; contamination control
  • Vyaire: ventilation / anesthesia breathing equipment

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