Expansion Loops & Hose Assemblies


Expansion Loops compensate for thermal and seismic movement in piping systems, allowing motion in all three planes while also reducing the stress on your mechanical piping and equipment.  Expansion loops offer a space-saving option to replace hard pipe loop systems, they  also create a lower end thrust load while requiring fewer pipe guides than traditional in-line style expansion joints.  Our straight flexible metal hose and pump connectors  handle the stresses of vibration and offset within your piping system and are available in industry standard and custom made to order configurations for higher pressure, larger amounts of movement and upgraded material options are also available.  Our flexible connectors are UL listed for NSF-61/NSF-372

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    Braided Hose Assemblies

    For vibration absorption and the elimination of piping stress in HVAC applications, Keflex™ Gold and Silver Series braided flexible pump connectors are manufactured from 300 Series stainless steel annular corrugated metal hose surrounded with a 300 Series wire braid of high tensile stainless steel. This combination provides a corrosive-resistant flexible braided pump connector with a…

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    Straight Flex Connectors UL/Fire

    UL Listed Flexible Connectors Approved for use throughout your fire sprinkler piping systems, these UL listed flex connectors takes stress off your equipment by compensating for vibration, misalignment, and lateral offset. Available in varying lengths to meet your offset needs, our UL flex connectors also come in a variety of end fittings for easy installation.

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    Expansion Loops

    Keflex Expansion Loops compensate for thermal expansion in all types of piping systems and allows for random and unpredictable seismic movements as well as excessive offset and lateral movement. Reducing and/or eliminating stress and strain protects and increases longevity of equipment and piping. Keflex Expansion Loops feature an in-the-wall design, substituting bulky traditional expansion joints….

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    Expansion Loops UL/Fire

    UL Listed, Fire Rated Expansion Loops compensate and allow for random, unpredictable seismic movement, thermal growth, excessive offset,  axial, or lateral movement within your sprinkler piping systems.  Available in Flanged, Grooved & Male threaded end configurations and in a variety of movement and material type options.  Expansion loops offer a space saving solution and can…

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    Heat Pump / Water Hose

    Available in steel, stainless, and aluminum Braided hose: stainless steel outer braid covering and EPDM core Male & Female fittings: 1/2” – 1” Brass, 1-1/4” – 2” Steel Gasket: Fiber Washer. Maximum temperature range 25° / 195°F. Hose assemblies are intended for water use only This is a fire rated flexible connector Hose fittings available:…