Exhaust Bellows


Flex-Weld, a division of Kelco Industries, is a premier metal expansion joint manufacturer and exhaust bellows supplier. Flex-Weld designs and fabricates flexible metal components and precision-engineered products to our customers’ specifications. Our custom metal exhaust bellows, exhaust system components, and flexible metal hose assemblies work overtime to reduce noise and vibration and compensate for thermal pipe expansion and contraction. Our single- or multi-ply fabrication capabilities allow for a wide range of technical requirements while our proprietary techniques result in flexible metal components with a much higher cycle life and lower spring rates:

  • Metal Expansion Joints

  • Metal Exhaust Bellows

  • Bellows Exhaust Pipe

  • High Temperature Expansion Joints

  • Engine Exhaust Bellows

  • Custom Metal Expansion Joints

  • Diesel Engine Exhaust Pipe

  • High Pressure Pipe Systems

  • Marine Exhaust Fabrication

  • Exhaust Capsules

  • 10mc series expansion joint

    10MC Series Bellows and Expansion Joints



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    30MC Series Bellows and Expansion Joints

    Flex-Weld 30MC Series General Purpose / Low Pressure Expansion Joints, are available in sizes 4” through 42”.  Multi-Ply Stainless Steel Bellows construction, movement rated at 30,000 cycles plus. Manufactured to order for your specific application requirements. Available options include Flanged, Weld, or Groove Ends. Internal Flow Liner, Control Rods. Single, Dual, or Triple Bellows designs…

  • 1207 series 3 ply exhaust capsules

    1207 Series 3-Ply Exhaust Capsules & Expansion Joints

    The Economical Exhaust Connector.  3-ply Stainless Steel Exhaust bellows and fully welded Exhaust assemblies. Vessel Types: Charter boats Fishing vessels Passenger ferries Pleasure boats Supply vessels Tugs Utility vessels Applications: Generator sets Marine Propulsion Power Units OEM / Custom exhaust The Economical Diesel Engine Replacement Bellows  

  • 1407 series 5 ply exhaust capsules

    1407 Series 5-Ply Exhaust Capsules & Expansion Joints

    The ULTIMATE Exhaust Connector.  Our 5-ply thin wall Exhaust capsules offer high flexibility and lower spring rates resulting in a longer cycle life, providing maximum movement to take the stress off your system. Available as exhaust bellows only ready for your fabrication, or as a fully welded expansion joint ready for installation.  Contact us today…