Security Solenoids

Guardian Electric Manufacturing Co., a division of Kelco Industries, offers an industry leading variety of standard and custom designed Solenoids and custom electromagnetic coils.  We offer Solenoids in push or pull types and magnetic latching designs.

To maintain the highest level of quality we manufacture the key components of every solenoid. We mold our own coil bobbins and wind our coils.  We also have state-of-the-art machining capabilities for manufacturing all custom components.

Our standard solenoids can be modified to fit a particular application, or we can design a new solenoid to meet a specific requirement.

Available options:

  • Custom voltages

  • Value added packages.

  • Custom plungers

  • Spring returns

  • Custom mounting & terminations

  • custom solenoids

    Custom Solenoids

    To maintain the highest level of quality Guardian manufactures the key components of every solenoid. We mold our own coil bobbins and wind our coils in-house.  We have state-of-the-art machining capabilities for manufacturing all custom components. Our family of Solenoids includes custom wound coils and custom solenoid solutions including the design of value- added packages. We…

  • various custom coils

    Custom Wound Coils

    Kelco Industries has years of experience designing and manufacturing millions of custom electromagnetic coils for the automotive, agricultural, aeronautic and hydraulic control industries. Our expertise in both design and process methodology has provided innovative and reliable solutions for a multitude of voltages, terminations and connector configurations. Highly skilled technicians bring years of experience with termination…

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    DC Latching Solenoids

    Latching Solenoids from Kelco Industries are designed for applications that require the holding force to be maintained without having power applied. The plunger will remain latched, in-place, and seated to the plug inside the solenoid with the specified “holding force.” To release the plunger, the polarity of the applied voltage must be reversed. These solenoids…

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    Frame Solenoids

    Frame Solenoids from Kelco Industries are available in AC and DC versions. We also offer a heavy duty version which provides increased pulling power over standard units. Plungers can be easily customized to interface with your application. These solenoids offer an economical design and are available in a wide range of forces and stroke. Advantages:…

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    Laminated AC Solenoids

    Laminated AC Solenoids from Kelco Industries are designed for heavy duty applications that combine high force, high efficiency with quiet operation. The T-shaped laminated designed plunger and the laminated steel frame delivers 25% to 50% more pulling power with a longer stroke than a comparable DC solenoid.  The magnetic coil is encapsulated for enhanced dust…

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    Long-life Tubular Solenoids

    Kelco Industries’ Long-life Tubular Solenoids incorporate anti-bottoming features, a stainless-steel plunger sleeve, and Teflon-coated plungers to increase mechanical life. The anti-bottoming ring and washers prevent the plunger from hitting the plug, eliminating destructive shock forces. The stainless-steel plunger sleeve boosts life expectancy over standard thermoplastic cores. The Teflon coating reduces friction and wear between the…

  • spring kits

    Spring Kits

    Internal Spring Return Options For All Standard Solenoids Guardian Spring Kits are specifically designed to simplify your life through one single source. Guardian Spring Kits are available in different lengths and forces to help engineers and designers in application development and prototyping. Our color coded springs make your selection process simple and easy to determine…

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    Tubular Solenoids

    Tubular Solenoids from Kelco Industries are used in a broad range of DC power applications wherever a short stroke with high force and low power are specified. Available in both push and pull configurations, our tubular solenoids are supplied with a mounting bracket, hex nut, and lock washer and can be mounted directly in a…