PTFE Seals

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    Ball Valve Seals

    Western Consolidated Technologies is a market leader in the production of Engineered Plastic valve components for a variety of fluid handling applications. Our unique portfolio of materials and manufacturing processes allows us to supply a quality product at a competitive price. Some of the products that we supply to these applications include: Ball Valve Seats…

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    Custom Products

    Western Consolidated Technologies specializes in Custom Profiles utilizing PTFE or any machined engineering plastics. We produces a wide variety of customer specific products to function in extreme conditions. Our efficient and unique manufacturing capabilities offer many cost-effective solutions to our many satisfied customers. Rotary Lip Seals Hydraulic Seals Floating Piston Rings Gaskets Non-metallic Bearings Mounts…

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    Envelope Gaskets

    Western Consolidated Technologies Envelope Gaskets are designed to function in aggressive chemical environments. PTFE envelope gaskets are applied as flange gaskets, when pollution of the medium is not acceptable. Good chemical resistance. Wide temperature range. Limited by the inlay material. Good pressure resistance. Limited by the choice of the inlay material.  

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    Face Seals

    Face seals are typically in a flanged axial seal designed to work in a range of conditions. These types of seals typically consist of PTFE jacket energized with a metal spring.  

  • hydraulic seals

    Hydraulic Seals

    Hydraulic seals are typically used for higher pressure dynamic applications such as hydraulic cylinders.  

  • pneumatic seals

    Pneumatic Seals

    Pneumatic seals are generally used in pneumatic cylinders which operate under lower pressures than hydraulic seals.  

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    PTFE Seal Rings

    Western Consolidated Technologies is a market leader in the production of Engineered Plastic seal rings for a variety of markets including fluidpower, automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, renewable energies, and medical. Our unique portfolio of materials allow us to supply a quality product at a competitive price. Some of the products that we supply to…

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    PTFE V Packing Seals

    Western Consolidated Technologies V packing seals are highly adaptive sealing products used in telescoping truck hoists, pumps and valves. V packing seals comprises of a set of “V” shaped components which when pressed together form a complete packing assembly.  

  • rod seals

    Rod Seals

    Rod seals interact with wiper elements and together help in the cylinder sealing system.  

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    Rotary Seals

    Rotary shaft seals are used typically on a rotating shaft in wet environments. Designed to keep in grease oil or water inside the application and prevents dirt and water from penetrating inside the application.  

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    Sanitary Gaskets

    Western Consolidated Technologies Sanitary Clamp Gaskets are made from high-performance blends of PTFE. PTFE is chemically inert, can operate in extreme temperatures and can be utilized in applications where high purity is required. We have several food-grade and anti-microbial compounds, which can be installed within FDA and NSF compliant assemblies. WCT’s Sanitary Clamp Gaskets are…

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    Spring Energized Seals

    Western Consolidated Technologies is an industry leader in the manufacture of high-performance spring energized seals. This sealing technology was developed to handle extreme operating conditions that require: Ultra-Low Friction Aggressive Media Compatibility Extreme Temperatures High Speeds Corrosive Environment The spring energized PTFE seal is a U-cup utilizing a variety of jacket profiles, spring types and…

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    Static Seals

    Static seals are typically used where there is no relative motion between mating surface. They can be an O-Ring, Square Ring, Back-up Ring and similar other profiles. They have the ability to provide leak-free seal over an extended period of time.  

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    Valve Seals

    Designed to keep motor oil out of the combustion chamber, by keeping the value aligned and lubricated correctly.  

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    Work in conjunction with Rod Seals and provide the first line of defense in protecting hydraulic fluid power and pneumatic systems and keeping them free of contaminants.