Flexible Metal Products

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When motion and flow control is essential, engineers, manufacturers, and technicians rely on our engineered flexible metal solutions.  From expansion joints and compensators to expansion loops, hose assemblies and pump connectors for the HVAC industry, to  exhaust and OEM metal bellows assemblies, we provide solutions to boost performance, increase reliability and efficiency in mechanical piping, exhaust systems, safety relief and control valve applications.

We proudly serve up solutions for your applications in the food & beverage, transportation, WTP, commercial and industrial sectors where equipment downtime costs money. Kelco’s wide range of market-proven and custom designed expansion joints, pump connectors, hoses, loops, metal bellows assemblies and seals, help our customers stay in control.

Call Kelco Industries at 815-334-3600 . We are happy to help you find the product solutions you need or custom engineer industrial components that solve your challenges.