Aerospace Switches

Aerospace Switches Family of Products from Kelco

A wide variety of custom switch technologies are available to meet specific applications, from simple push-button designs to custom switch assemblies.

Guardian Electric Manufacturing, a division of Kelco Industries, has the expertise to create solutions to meet your needs.

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    5 Way Mini Switch

    Guardian’s 5-way mini-switch packs multiple switching capabilities into a low profile, mini-envelope size. The series offers 4-way toggling, combined with a 5th pushbutton – center axis capability. It features positive tactile feedback and is readily integrated into panel-mounted or multi-function display configurations. The intuitive operation of this switch is ideal for applications requiring 5 modes…

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    Linear Transducer

    Guardian’s linear transducer switch offers high performance in a versatile compact design for use in a variety of applications. This flexible transducer offers infinite resolution to control x-y axis tracking. The compact design of this switch makes it ideal for use in multi-function displays. It can also be grip or panel-mounted for maximum versatility.  

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    MS 4 Way Switch

    This high-performance, MS-qualified switch offers a high current rating with positive tactile feedback. Ideal for rugged environments, this switch is both moisture-resistant and dust-tight. This flexible switch offers multiple power ratings and engraved bezels to meet customer requirements. Military and commercial grades are available.  

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    Rocker Switch

    This high-performance rocker packs a 50,000 cycle electrical and mechanical life into a compact switch. Designed for use in rugged environments this switch is both moisture-proof and dust-tight. This versatile switch is available in either SPDT or DPDT allowing for use in a wider variety of applications. This compact design is easily integrated with a…

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    Slide Switch

    This rugged, high-performance switch features a compact panel-mount design with snap action. This flexible switch is available in either SPDT or SPST for use in a wide variety of applications. The positive tactile feedback assures the operator of switch actuation, allowing for safer switching operations. This switch is available in a variety of button shapes…

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    Thumbwheel Switch

    With a mechanical life of 1.8 million cycles, Guardian’s thumbwheel switch is ideal for use in high-reliability applications. This rugged switch offers a + 1% independent linearity with an operating altitude of 30,000 feet. Ideal for critical or fail-safe situations, Guardian’s thumbwheel switch is also available in redundant circuitry to ensure highly-reliable actuation for mission-critical…

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    Toggle Switch

    Guardian’s toggle switch offers high electrical and mechanical reliability in a compact design for use in a wide range of applications. This flexible switch has multiple power ratings to provide maximum versatility for customer specifications. This versatile switch also offers positive tactile feedback with snap action for safer switching operations. Guardian’s toggle switch is available…

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    Trigger Switch

    Guardian’s trigger switch features a high current rating with an electrical and mechanical life of 50,000 cycles. This versatile switch is available in either single or two-position circuits, with various forces available up to 10 amps. This high performance trigger switch offers positive detent action to assure the operator of switch actuation, which means safer…

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    TripleX 4 Way Switch

    The Triplex 4-way switch is a highly-reliable, miniature toggle switch. This patented design utilizes Guardian’s redundant Triplex circuitry. Ideal for critical or fail-safe applications, Guardian’s triplex circuitry utilizes three redundant switching circuits to ensure highly-reliable actuation. The Triplex 4-way series is available under multiple power ratings and offers positive detent action that translates into safer…