LOH Flight Control Grip



Expanding on the successful B-8 and Cobra series grips, the LOH Helicopter Control Grip places more functionality at the pilot’s fingertips. Adding a separate radio / ICS rocker switch and another switch location (shown here with a large cap toggle switch), the LOH Helicopter Control Grip improves pilot response time, and reduces fatigue by keeping more controls at their fingertips.

The Helicopter Control Grip offers high functionality to aerospace manufacturers as well as off-highway equipment and material handling companies.


  • Expanded helicopter functionality.
  • Ergonomic design reduces fatigue and improves response time between functions.
  • Molded from rugged cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) engineered polymer.
  • Complies with all appropriate MIL-Spec tests.
  • Qualified by similarity or laboratory testing.
  • Right-hand control grip design.
  • Engraving and marking available on all surfaces, including curved surfaces.
  • Flying lead wire (typically 60”) or connector mounting available.
  • Switch locations that are not required can be plugged to present a uniform, smooth surface.
  • Multi-piece design expedites switch replacement and maintenance.


Optional Switches

S-1: Two position rocker switch for night-vision vs. infra-red modes.

S-2: Large 4-way switch used for trimming aircraft in flight to reduce pilot fatigue.

S-3: Pushbutton switch, available in red, black, or grey cap.

S-4: Pushbutton switch, available in red, black, or grey cap.

S-5: ICS/ Radio rocker switch for internal and external communications.

S-6: Pushbutton switch, available in red, black, or grey cap.


T-1: Trigger switch. Available in either single-stage or two-stage actuation, and with either red or black color trigger. Optional trigger guard shown above. Rated 10A@28VDC.



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