Industry Capabilities & Solutions

For over a century Kelco Industries has offered engineering design services that solve manufacturing and assembly problems for dozens of industries – automotive, aerospace, appliance manufacturing, HVAC, construction, and more. We offer hundreds of custom components, oem parts, and products with thousands of applications and remarkable capabilities. All Kelco products are domestically manufactured in North America. Contact Kelco about contract manufacturing services and custom engineered design solutions for your industry.

Our Capabilities

Injection Molding
Insert Molding
PTFE Compression Molding
Rubber Extrusion
Metal Fabrication and Forming
Coil Winding

Key Processes

CNC Machining: Metals / Plastics
High Speed Cutting/ Slicing
Welding / Brazing / Soldering
Curing: PTFE / Rubber
Precision Manual and Semi-Automated Assembly
Value Added Operations

Engineering Capabilities

Plastic Part Design
Solenoid Design
Aerospace Grip Design
Bellows Assemblies Design
Expansion Joint, Compensator, and Braided Hose Design
Exhaust Assemblies Design
3D Printing

Product Development Testing Capabilities

Thermal Cycle
Thermal Shock
Helium Leak Testing
Wide Range of Electrical Testing
Life Testing
Force Testing
Pressure Testing

About Kelco Industry
Elastomeric belts and washers for sealing applications
Kelco Spring Kit for aerospace and industrial applications
PTFE seals, valves and gaskets for sealing applications

Grips / Solenoids Switches Relays (Guardian)

Our standard solenoids and switches in various voltages can be modified to fit your application, or we can custom design a precision solution to meet your requirements. Relays are ready-to-use or custom engineered in a variety of amps in sealed or non-sealed configurations.

Serving the commercial and defense aviation communities since the mid 1940s, we are established as a leader in aerospace control grips. We have the expertise to produce grips and relays to accommodate your aerospace control requirements and withstand the rigors of flight.

We manufacture a standard line of solenoids, including AC and DC frame solenoidsDC latching solenoids, and laminated solenoids produced in various standard voltages. For custom applications, our standard solenoids can be modified to fit a particular application or we can design a new solenoid to meet a specific requirement. All catalog solenoids are UL Recognized and RoHS compliant (2011/65/EU). We offer solenoids in push or pull types and also magnetic latching designs. We can create application-specific solenoid designs with:

• Custom actuators
• Spring returns
• Custom mounting
• Custom terminations

In addition, we offer a full line of spring kits which are perfect for application development and prototype designs. Multiple springs with a range of spring forces are included and are color coded for easy recognition. Kits for pull type solenoids include a plunger/actuator, and all kits include necessary hardware.

All of our solenoids are:
• 100% Made in the USA
• UL recognized components
• RoHS II Compliant
• ISO9100:2009 Certified

Kelco Spring Kit for aerospace and industrial applications

Industrial Injection Molded Components

Kelco Industries under division partner Advanced Molding Technologies (AMT) manufactures electrical connectors for a diverse customer base of clients around the world. Kelco uses a wide variety of plastic resins and combines them with a variety of metal stampings, filters, machined metal parts, gaskets, threaded inserts, and other metal components. Meeting ISO and aerospace specifications, our superior molding technology can be employed on miniature to large, multi-component parts, to consistently serve the needs of a wide range of industries including maritime, automotive, and communications.

AMT specializes in engineering grade nylons and acetals. Material choices cover a broad range, from acetal and nylon to polyester. Our capabilities include:
• 15 presses in a 11,000 sq. ft. press room
• Press capacity ranges from 25 ton to 450 ton.
• Automated part handling and removal (robot arms, end of arm tooling, pickers, conveyors)
• 7000 sq. ft. (with vertical racks) raw material & mold storage
• Climate controlled metrology lab with CMM & OGP
• In-house mold tool maintenance department with dedicated mold makers

expansion joints, loops, and bellows for HVAC applications

HVAC / Exhaust / Bellows Components

Kelco Industries under division partner Flex-Weld has over a century of expertise in the design and manufacture of flexible metal hose assembliesexpansion joints and loops, metal bellows, compensators, pump connectors, and other flexible engineered components. Our product offerings include the highest performing connectors in the industry, and compensators that resist corrosion torque and misalignment. We are proud of our reputation as the producers of the premiere multi-ply expansion joint in the industry, with the highest standards of safety and reliability.

PTFE seals, valves and gaskets for sealing applications

PTFE Seals, Rings, & Gaskets

Kelco Industries under division partner Western Consolidated Technologies (WCT) manufactures Seals & Sealing Elements for the most critical applications. Our customers rely on our versatile and cost-effective Net Molded products, spring energized PTFE seals, and lathe cut rubber seals. We are a market leader in the production of high-performance thermoplastic ball valve seals and valve components used across many markets.

Kelco Industries manufacturing facility


Kelco Industries uses state-of-the-art automation for high-volume production to deliver the most cost-effective solutions to our customers. Regardless of size, materials, or type of component, we can meet or beat the most stringent production schedules and quality goals.

flex welddesignservices

Design Services

Keflex is proud to offer our Professional Review Services. For over 100 years, Keflex has been a leading manufacturer for HVAC equipment and offers a review of your design/build or plan and specification projects. Our experienced team of professional engineers can provide contractors, project engineers, and project managers. All of our specifications and services adhere to Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association Standards, giving you peace of mind for your next project.

Our services include:
· Design Layout
· Design Calculations
· Material Certifications
· Formal Submittals

Elastomeric belts and washers for sealing applications

Custom Products

Kelco Industries provides excellence in design and fabrication of high-quality engineered products to our customer’s exact specifications. Solving problems with innovative solutions where our competition failed is our strength and we guarantee total customer satisfaction. Each division of Kelco Industries utilizes superior processing and Lean Manufacturing Initiatives to provide our customers with zero defects and competitive pricing.

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