CH-46 Collective Grip



The CH-46 Collective Grip brings all the functionality required by pilots and co-pilots to their fingertips to simplify cargo loading, unloading, and spotlight control. Cast from rugged, EMI-resistant aluminum, the CH-46 Collective Grip is easily modifiable for different switch configurations and different engraving requirements.

This grip is available for cockpit use and for other Cargomaster applications where multiple functions are required in a centralized location. Triggers and deadman switches available for any application.



Fully customizable faceplate allows rapid changes to accept new switch functionality / labeling / positioning.

Flat face panel improves readability of engraving and improves switch accessibility

Available with flying leads or connector.

Complies with all appropriate MIL-Specs.

The body is cast from high-strength aluminum. The panel is made from aluminum or plastic.

Engraving and marking available on all surfaces.

Flying lead wire (typically 60”) or connector mounting available.

The switch locations are flexible due to the completely modifiable panel design.


Optional Switches

S-1 : Guarded Push Button

S-2 : 4-Way Switch – Used for controlling hoist/ boom locations

S-3 : Rocker Switch – Used to increase or decrease Engine #1 RPM

S-4 : Rocker Switch – Used to increase or decrease Engine #2 RPM

S-5 : Slide Switch

S-6 : Slide Switch

S-7 : 4-Way Switch – Used to position spotlight.


T-1 : Standard radio trigger for intercom system.


Data Sheet

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