I-Line Gaskets



Kelco’s line of I-Line gaskets provide the highest levels of secure, hygienic connections in the food and beverage markets, pharmaceutical companies, and other industries. Our FDA-compliant gaskets offer easy installation and leak-proof sealing and you can choose from a varierty of sizes in PTFE or 316L stainless steel filled with PTFE. They are highly resistant to extreme temperatures and chemicals, making them a versatile and cost-effective solution for your production lines.

– Food & Beverages
– Brewery
– Pharmaceutical
– Dairy
– Bio-tech
– Cosmetic & Personal Care
– Water Treatment & Purification
– Cannabis Extraction

– Hygienic Sealing
– Versatility
– Easy Installation
– Temperature and Chemical Resistance
– Reduced Risk of Leaks
– Cost-Effective Solution
– Ease of Maintenance
– Customization Options


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