Sanitary Clamp Gaskets



The sanitary clamp gasket is a versatile sealing component used in pharmaceutical, dairy, biotech, and other industries. Kelco’s sanitary clamp gaskets offer hygienic sealing for pipes and tubes and also available in stainless steel. FDA CFR 177.1550 compliant assemblies, and made from USP Class VI PTFE materials, our gaskets are resistant to temperature variations and chemicals, reducing the risk of leaks and contamination. Plus, easy installation and maintenance make them a cost-effective solution.

– Food & Beverages
– Brewery
– Pharmaceutical
– Dairy
– Bio-tech
– Cosmetic & Personal Care
– Water Treatment & Purification
– Cannabis Extraction

– Hygienic Sealing
– Broad Industry Application
– High Performance Sealing
– Versatility
– Easy Installation
– Temperature and Chemical Resistance
– Reduced Risk of Leaks
– Cost-Effective Solution
– Ease of Maintenance


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