MD Flight Control Grip



The MD Standard control grip keeps vital flight functions at the pilot’s fingertips. The large central 4-way switch trims up the helicopter for stability in flight and hover modes. Pushbuttons control the hook release (for slung loads) and float deployment (for naval operations). The trigger switch changes frequencies between on-board intercom systems and group-wide radio transmissions. The thumb-rest switch typically engages landing lights or spotlights.


  • Manufactured from high-strength aluminum.
  • Complies with all appropriate MIL-Specs.
  • Flexible main panel, easily modifiable for different switch configurations.
  • Multiple-piece aluminum mold simplifies switch replacement.
  • Right-hand control grip design.
  • Engraving and marking available on all surfaces.
  • Flying lead wire (typically 60”) or connector mounting available.
  • Switch locations that are not required can be plugged to present a uniform, smooth surface.


Optional Switches

S-1 : Pushbutton switches are available with hooded collars to help prevent accidental actuation.

S-2: Large 4-way switches are used to set the trim of the aircraft, or can be used in non-flight applications for positioning lights, sensors, or guiding systems.

S-3: Pushbutton switch. Available with red, black, or grey cap. Available with aerospace rating or commercial grade, and low current (below 15mA) ratings (see also S-1).

S-4: Tiny pushbutton switches are ideal for locations on grips where space is a concern, or the depth behind the panel is restricted by the design of the handle, or the presence of a bundle of wires.


T-1: Trigger switch. Available in either single-stage or two-stage actuation, and with grey color trigger.



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