Metal Bellows



Flex-Weld, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of metal bellows and bellow assemblies with over 90 years of design and manufacturing experience in the production of precision-formed metal bellows. Flex-Weld, Inc. bellows are formed when TIG welded tubing is fabricated, assembled and tested to exact specifications. A variety of forming methods can be utilized to achieve optimum performance. Bellows can be selected or designed for any application or market. Single or multi-ply fabrication capabilities allow for a wide range of pressure, cycle life, or spring rate requirements.

Flex-Weld, Inc.’s exceptional manufacturing methods result in a bellows configuration that exceeds each industry’s highest standards. Uniform wall thickness, symmetrical convolutions and reliable spring rates are assured. All incoming material is verified against industry standards. Our proprietary forming processes preserve and increase the inherent strength and ductility of the bellows material to enhance cycle life and fatigue resistance.

The most important feature of Flex-Weld bellows is the multi-ply geometry produced by telescoping thin wall precision tubing. Utilizing the same dimensions, Flex-Weld bellows can accept significantly more movements than our competitors. The stresses induced on the individual layers of Flex-Weld bellows are a fraction of the stresses induced in single wall bellows of equal thickness. This results in Flex-Weld bellows having a much higher cycle life and lower spring rates than our competition.

Flex-Weld, Inc. / Keflex™ Engineered Products OEM bellows and bellow assemblies are some of the most desirable components and assemblies available for flexible connector applications. Our products undergo a proprietary secondary process, which improves the fatigue resistance of the flexible component. Whether the products are used in a rigorous precision valve application or are used to convey chemicals in a dangerous or hazardous environment, our bellows will outperform those of competitors.

We utilize the latest techniques in design, manufacturing and quality control to ensure conformance to our customers’ requirements. Our ability to re-engineer competitive products that have failed in service has led to our expanding market share and superior reputation.

Most varieties of stainless steel and exotic alloys are available for the bellows and hose base material. Choose from an infinite array of cleaning, testing and joining methods.