V22 Thrust Control Lever



The revolutionary V-22 Osprey represents a dramatic leap forward for the U.S. Marine Corps. The Osprey combines the traditional strengths of a helicopter (VTOL) with the speed and range of a fixed wing aircraft. Just as revolutionary, the V-22 Thrust grip design has gathered attention in the aviation community for increasing the amount of control functions available on the aircraft thrust control. Functional control is at the pilot’s fingertips, with only the thumb having to move to access additional non-flight controls.



Current design for revolutionary V-22 thrust controls and wing/engine direction controls.

Ergonomic design reduces fatigue and improves response time between functions.

Complies with all appropriate MIL-Spec tests.

Qualified by similarity or laboratory testing.

Multi-piece cast aluminum design simplifies switch replacement and maintenance.

Left-hand multi-function control grip design.

Engraving and marking available on all surfaces.

Multi-pin connector mounting base available.

Switch locations that are not required can be plugged to present a uniform, smooth surface.


Optional Switches

Front Panel: The front panel for the fingertip controls is modifiable to meet your design parameters. In the diagram above, the panel houses two pushbutton switches and two rocker switches. Note the different styles of rocker switch caps when located next to one another. This assists pilots in “feeling” the correct function, without breaking visual contact.

S-1: Shrouded pushbutton switch prevents accidental actuation.

S-2: Transducer switch for slew control.

S-3: Mini 4-way with castle cap for searchlight control.

S-4: Triple redundant potentiometer thumbwheel control available in grey. (Hidden from view)

S-5: Pushbutton switch, available in red, black, or grey cap.



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