Flex-Weld, Guardian Electric, Advanced Molding Technologies and Western Consolidated Technologies Come Together Under One Banner.

 Rich History of Excellence Combines Over A Century of Expertise Crafting Industrial Product Lines and Innovative Custom Engineered Solutions

Kelco Industries announces the acquisition and consolidation of Flex-Weld, Guardian Electric, Advanced Molding Technologies and Western Consolidated Technologies. The move combines the rich history of excellence of each company under one banner and solidifies Kelco Industries as a market leader in cost-effective, high-performance engineered components used across a broad range of industries.

“Customers who knew us through one brand will be excited to learn that Kelco is now a full service company able to provide more opportunities for cost reduction,” said Kevin Kelly, CEO of Kelco Industries. “We are stronger now with synergy.”

In the future, Kelco plans to invest more in technology, processing capabilities and high-caliber talent. “We are growing from a small, family-run business into a larger organization with a championship team,” added Kelly.

Over A Century of Expertise
The Kelco Industries family of companies dates back to 1905 when U.S. Flex, now known as Flex-Weld, began operations as a designer and manufacturer of flexible, ready-to-use materials. Guardian Electric began serving the burgeoning aeronautical industry in 1932 and continues to design and manufacture quality flight products to meet customer’s needs. Advanced Molding Technology began in the 1970s and grew to become a state-of-the-art company designing custom engineered solutions for clients. Western Consolidated Technologies started in 1975 delivering the best, most cost-effective seals to fit customer’s needs.

Everything Under One Roof
The same quality and service that clients expect from each division within the family of companies is now united under the Kelco Industries banner, with headquarters in Woodstock, Illinois, and all products are domestically produced in North America. Customer service is designed to consistently provide the best guidance and support throughout the entire process.

“Everything is streamlined now, which greatly benefits the customer,” explained Kelly. “We provide better lead time, flexibility, and serviceability. Previously, we might have been thought of as a company that just provides components. Kelco is so much more now.”

Additionally, Kelco Industries unveils a new website in 2020. Customers visiting Flex-Weld, Guardian Electric, Advanced Molding Technologies and Western Consolidated Technologies will now have easy access to the entire line of products and services available across all of Kelco Industries at www.kelcoInd.com.

Looking Ahead
There are a lot of exciting things going on in 2020 for Kelco Industries. Be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn for ongoing news and updates. www.linkedin.com/company/kelcoind

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