“We are positioned to meet the product needs and serviceability issues in this fast-growing industry,” CEO Kevin Kelly said

 Woodstock-based Kelco Industries, a leader in high-performance engineered components, believes in an energetic future where more and more of its business will be in the solar, nuclear, oil & gas downstream, power generation and wind turbine sectors.

Known for excellence in designing and fabricating cost-effective products used across a broad range of industries, Kelco understands that pioneering technology requires innovative processes and reliable systems. Products like valve components for fluid handling systems, custom solenoids, and precision–formed bellows are just the tip of the iceberg.

The products Kelco delivers are designed for the most critical applications and extreme operating conditions. “Our components are found in pumping stations, solar panels and wind turbines,” said Kelly.

Forward-thinking companies have a solid partner with Kelco. Kelly added, “We get inquiries from companies all over the world who are interested in using our products. Kelco has been operating for over one hundred years and customers can rely on our value-added solutions for generations to come.”

Exciting things are happening at Kelco Industries in 2020. Be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn for news and updates. www.linkedin.com/company/kelcoind

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