Guardian Electric Manufacturing, a division of KELCO Industries, is a manufacturer of high quality solenoids. KELCO solenoids are offered in multiple styles including AC laminated, AC & DC frame, DC tubular, DC long life tubular, and DC latching solenoids.

Our solenoids have an infinite range of possible modifications and can be fully customized for your specific needs. 

KELCO solenoids are found at the cutting edge of sophisticated technologies such as aerospace, home appliances, specialized industry equipment, agriculture, construction, food processing, automotive, security, medical, and much more.

KELCO solenoids are:

  • Highly configurable
  • Fabricated with custom plungers to interface with almost any application
  • Compatible with tight manufacturing tolerances
  • Made of robust materials to yield outstanding performance
  • Highly reliable for long-life applications

Our value-added solutions include:

  • Custom plungers
  • Explosion-proof packaging
  • Plunger retention features
  • Spring returns
  • Custom mounting
  • Custom terminations

We also specialize in custom winding and insulation of our coils to meet your requirements for:

  • Operational force
  • Duty cycle
  • Life expectancy

We assure you of the best quality, competitive prices, and on-time delivery. 

Visit our complete line of solenoids and other engineered products at 

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