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    Thumbwheel Switch

    With a mechanical life of 1.8 million cycles, Guardian’s thumbwheel switch is ideal for use in high-reliability applications. This rugged switch offers a + 1% independent linearity with an operating altitude of 30,000 feet. Ideal for critical or fail-safe situations, Guardian’s thumbwheel switch is also available in redundant circuitry to ensure highly-reliable actuation for mission-critical…

  • timing valve coil

    Timing Valve Coil

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    Toggle Switch

    Guardian’s toggle switch offers high electrical and mechanical reliability in a compact design for use in a wide range of applications. This flexible switch has multiple power ratings to provide maximum versatility for customer specifications. This versatile switch also offers positive tactile feedback with snap action for safer switching operations. Guardian’s toggle switch is available…

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    Trigger Switch

    Guardian’s trigger switch features a high current rating with an electrical and mechanical life of 50,000 cycles. This versatile switch is available in either single or two-position circuits, with various forces available up to 10 amps. This high performance trigger switch offers positive detent action to assure the operator of switch actuation, which means safer…

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    TripleX 4 Way Switch

    The Triplex 4-way switch is a highly-reliable, miniature toggle switch. This patented design utilizes Guardian’s redundant Triplex circuitry. Ideal for critical or fail-safe applications, Guardian’s triplex circuitry utilizes three redundant switching circuits to ensure highly-reliable actuation. The Triplex 4-way series is available under multiple power ratings and offers positive detent action that translates into safer…

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    Tubular Solenoids

    Tubular Solenoids from Kelco Industries are used in a broad range of DC power applications wherever a short stroke with high force and low power are specified. Available in both push and pull configurations, our tubular solenoids are supplied with a mounting bracket, hex nut, and lock washer and can be mounted directly in a…

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    V22 Flight Control Grip

    The revolutionary V-22 Osprey represents a dramatic leap forward for the U.S. Marine Corps. The Osprey combines the traditional strengths of a helicopter (VTOL) with the speed and range of a fixed wing aircraft. The V-22 Flight Control Grip delivers a familiar, yet flexible design to the cockpit. The face panel is modifiable to different…

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    V22 Thrust Control Lever

    The revolutionary V-22 Osprey represents a dramatic leap forward for the U.S. Marine Corps. The Osprey combines the traditional strengths of a helicopter (VTOL) with the speed and range of a fixed wing aircraft. Just as revolutionary, the V-22 Thrust grip design has gathered attention in the aviation community for increasing the amount of control…

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    Value Added Sub Components

    Advanced Molding Technologies manufactures value added sub components for a variety of applications including bobbin assemblies that are ultimately incorporated into hydraulic valves for transmissions. The parts shown include an overmolded magnet and integral termination.  

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    Valve Seals

    Designed to keep motor oil out of the combustion chamber, by keeping the value aligned and lubricated correctly.  

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    Vertical Presses

    Custom plastic injection molded and insert molded parts can be used in a large variety of applications. Meeting ISO and aerospace specifications, our superior molding technology can be employed on miniature parts, as well as large, multi-component parts, to consistently serve the needs of diverse businesses, including maritime, automotive and communication industries. Our plastic injection,…

  • rotary seals (copy)


    Work in conjunction with Rod Seals and provide the first line of defense in protecting hydraulic fluid power and pneumatic systems and keeping them free of contaminants.