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    DC Latching Solenoids

    Latching Solenoids from Kelco Industries are designed for applications that require the holding force to be maintained without having power applied. The plunger will remain latched, in-place, and seated to the plug inside the solenoid with the specified “holding force.” To release the plunger, the polarity of the applied voltage must be reversed. These solenoids…

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    Delegated Design Professional Engineering Review Service

    Flex Weld offers Professional Review Services for your projects that require Delegated Design by a Licensed and Stamped Professional Engineer from your State.  Our Professional Review Service will conduct stress and flexibility analysis to ensure that your piping systems meet ASME B31 piping codes. Services Include:  Design Layout  Material Certifications  Design Calculations  Formal Submittals  Locally…

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    Download General Line Card

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    Download HVAC Line Card

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    Download Solenoids Line Card

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    Download Valve Components Line Card

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    Electrical Connectors

    Advanced Molding Technologies manufactures electrical connectors for automotive industry clients worldwide. Our custom-built products are equipped with a variety of features, including an allowable leak rate of 10 cc per minute at 8.5 PSI, an O-ring groove with a .003 inch maximum allowable parting line mismatch, 20 pound capacity load on terminals, and a part…

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    Envelope Gaskets

    Western Consolidated Technologies Envelope Gaskets are designed to function in aggressive chemical environments. PTFE envelope gaskets are applied as flange gaskets, when pollution of the medium is not acceptable. Good chemical resistance. Wide temperature range. Limited by the inlay material. Good pressure resistance. Limited by the choice of the inlay material.  

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    Expansion Loops

    Keflex Expansion Loops compensate for thermal expansion in all types of piping systems and allows for random and unpredictable seismic movements as well as excessive offset and lateral movement. Reducing and/or eliminating stress and strain protects and increases longevity of equipment and piping. Keflex Expansion Loops feature an in-the-wall design, substituting bulky traditional expansion joints….

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    Expansion Loops UL/Fire

    UL Listed, Fire Rated Expansion Loops compensate and allow for random, unpredictable seismic movement, thermal growth, excessive offset,  axial, or lateral movement within your sprinkler piping systems.  Available in Flanged, Grooved & Male threaded end configurations and in a variety of movement and material type options.  Expansion loops offer a space saving solution and can…

  • externally pressurized expansion joints

    Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints

    MULTI-PLY SAFETY FACTORS- In a critical application, a multi-ply expansion joint can, in most cases, preclude a catastrophic failure. If a failure occurs in one ply due to corrosion or fatigue, the intact plies will work as a protective barrier to contain the pressure and the medium until a replacement can be made. Flex-Weld multi-ply…

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    F-16 Flight Control Grip

    Designed for the F-16 Falcon, this grip has widened its appeal among manufacturers and is becoming the choice for retrofits and upgrade packages. Equipped with a large 4- way switch, six pushbutton or mini 4-way switches, a trigger, and an autopilot override fingertip lever, the F-16 grip elevated Hands On Throttle-And-Stick (HOTAS) systems to the…

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    Face Seals

    Face seals are typically in a flanged axial seal designed to work in a range of conditions. These types of seals typically consist of PTFE jacket energized with a metal spring.  

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    Frame Solenoids

    Frame Solenoids from Kelco Industries are available in AC and DC versions. We also offer a heavy duty version which provides increased pulling power over standard units. Plungers can be easily customized to interface with your application. These solenoids offer an economical design and are available in a wide range of forces and stroke. Advantages:…

  • hard top actuator coil

    Hard-Top Actuator Coil and Valve

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    Heat Pump / Water Hose

    Available in steel, stainless, and aluminum Braided hose: stainless steel outer braid covering and EPDM core Male & Female fittings: 1/2” – 1” Brass, 1-1/4” – 2” Steel Gasket: Fiber Washer. Maximum temperature range 25° / 195°F. Hose assemblies are intended for water use only This is a fire rated flexible connector Hose fittings available:…