Kelco Industries’ Four Divisions are Proud to Serve the Construction Industry

Kelco Industries CEO Kevin Kelly is optimistic about the future of the Construction industry. He sees the four divisions of Kelco – Guardian Electric, Advanced Molding Technologies, Flex-Weld, and Western Consolidated Technologies – as key players supplying essential products that keep the sector running.

“The government is investing in building and infrastructure,” says Kelly, “And we will be there with our component parts to keep America running.”

  • Kelco’s Guardian Electric division supplies solenoids found in flushing and locking systems used throughout buildings.
  • Seals and valves from Kelco’s Western Consolidated Technologies division are used in water faucets and drinking fountains, and are NSF approved for market.
  • Kelco’s Flex-Weld division supplies expansion joints, pump connectors, and exhaust bellows used in heating ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Plastic molded parts from Advanced Molding Technologies are used throughout the construction industry in a variety of applications.

Offices, schools, buildings, and chemical processing plants have movement of fluids and gasses throughout their heating, pumps, and HVAC units. Kelco supplies the necessary components to create and keep these systems running efficiently.

All Kelco products are made in the United States, which allows for a fast turnaround of three weeks, but in certain situations Flex-Weld can turnaround a custom part in 24 hours. “If the heating or cooling in a hospital goes down because a custom part gets blown, we can replace it immediately,” said Kelly.

With the increase in government investment in infrastructure, Kelly also sees an uptick in Kelco parts servicing the Road Construction industry. “We sell many products to the diesel market for their earth-moving equipment, like Flex-Weld’s exhaust bellows and WCT’s seals.”

We’re proud to serve our longtime clients and welcome the opportunity to help new customers. If the requirements of your business have changed and you need a fast turnaround, please contact us at 815-334-3662 or by email at [email protected] .

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