For over a century, Kelco Industries has offered engineering design services that solve manufacturing and assembly problems for dozens of industries including automotive, aerospace, appliance manufacturing, HVAC, construction, and more. We offer hundreds of custom components, OEM parts, and products with thousands of applications and unique capabilities.

Our manufacturing capabilities include:

Injection MoldingInsert Molding
• PTFE Compression Molding • Rubber Extrusion
• Metal Fabrication and Forming • Coil Winding
• CNC Machining: Metals / Plastics
• High Speed Cutting/ Slicing
• Welding / Brazing / Soldering • Curing: PTFE / Rubber
• Precision Manual and Semi-Automated Assembly
• Value Added Operations • Plastic Part Design
• Design for Solenoids, Aerospace Grips, and Bellows Assemblies
• Expansion Joint, Compensator, and Braided Hose Design
• Exhaust Assemblies Design
• Prototyping • 3D Printing • Painting

Kelco is the market leader in the production of engineered elastomers for a variety of fluid handling industries. Whether you face extreme temperatures, media compatibility, or rigorous conditions, our unique portfolio of materials and manufacturing processes allows us to supply quality products at competitive prices.

All Kelco products are domestically manufactured in North America. Contact Kelco about contract manufacturing services and custom engineered design solutions for your specific needs.

If you’re ready to be more efficient and build your bottom line, contact us at 815-334-3600 or by email at [email protected]. We’re proud to serve our longtime clients and welcome the opportunity to help new customers.

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