Kelco is proud to announce that four of our employees have completed the CNC Lathe Operations Course provided by NIMS, the National Institute for Metalworking Skills. Additionally, our employees have completed the Measurement, Materials, and Safety Course in accordance with the Machining Level 1 Standards, 2ndEdition, 2021. Both courses were completed through the Freedom Academy and Steuben County Economic Development Company in Steuben County, Indiana.

Kelco Employees Complete NIMS CNC Lathe Operations Certification
Kelco employees David, Trevor, Jeanette, and Roxanne completed the NIMS CNC Lathe Operations Certification in April, 2021

Kelco employees David, Trevor, Jeanette, and Roxanne completed the NIMS program in April, 2021. “NIMS credentials are an industry-recognized validation,” says Kevin Kelly, President of Kelco Industries. “Our CNC machinists are highly skilled, which enables us to provide our customers with the top-notch products and service they’ve come to expect from Kelco. We couldn’t be prouder of our employees who continue to strive for excellence on both a personal and professional level.”

NIMS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit formed in 1995 to help organizations improve workforce performance through training with practical experiences that reflect what employees face in the workplace. NIMS empowers organizations to build a thriving and globally competitive workforce by utilizing proven smart standards, performance measures, and timeless training principles that dynamically respond to our fast-paced, technology-driven economy.

NIMS credentials serve as an industry benchmark of excellence. NIMS accreditation is a formalized training program that properly trains and provides employees with industry-recognized skills. A NIMS credential demonstrates that the credential holder met the industry benchmark for occupational competency in the areas of safety, materials, measuring and testing equipment, applied mathematics, engineering drawings, and geometric dimensioning. Additionally, employees are trained in machine technologies and accessories, computer operations, software technologies, and machine controls, navigation, and maintenance,

“We are continually training our employees on the skills they need to stay up to date on technology,” says Kelly. “Technology changes faster than most individuals can master. Partnering with a program like NIMS enables both our employees and Kelco to stay current and provide the competitive edge needed in today’s marketplace.”

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