KELCO was recently recognized with the Business and Inclusion Award from PAEP, the Parents Alliance Employment Project. PAEP is a supportive employment agency that assists individuals with disabilities to help obtain and retain competitive employment within the communities it serves in Northern Illinois.

PAEP Award

Throughout the year, PAEP works with dedicated businesses that promote inclusion in the workplace. In 2021, PAEP awarded five local businesses who went the extra mile to train and hire individuals with disabilities. KELCO was honored to be recognized as a business that supports, accommodates, and assists people with disabilities to be successful in the workplace.

“At KELCO, we’ve always strived to give everyone a fair opportunity,” says Kevin Kelly, CEO of KELCO. “People come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities, and workplace inclusion is very important to us. We’re happy to help open doors to a working future for all individuals.”

Founded in 1982, PAEP is devoted to improving the quality of life for people with disabilities through individualized employment services. As a result of PAEP’s dedication to its mission, hundreds of individuals are assisted every year to find meaningful employment.

“KELCO has gained several qualified, loyal employees through the PAEP program,” says Kelly. “We have plenty of jobs for anyone who is willing to work.”

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