At Flex-Weld, a division of Kelco, we’re proud to partner with BSD SpecLink on select products for design, construction, and facility management.
Flex-Weld Products are now specified in BSD Spec-Link:

Architects and Engineering specifiers can find Flex-Weld products in Division 22 / Plumbing and Division 23 / HVAC

Partner with Flex-Weld for your upcoming construction projects during the design phase and choose Flex-Weld products for your Office Master.

Create specs up to 70% faster with collaboration features for remote teams. No other specification software helps you work smarter or faster.

SpecLink keeps you consistent, efficient and accurate:
• Avoid errors and omissions when you edit by inclusion
• Content omitted from one project never disappears
• Easily transform the same data for multiple formats
Avoid having to maintain multiple sets of pre-formatted data
• Ensure up-to-date reference standards with automatic updates

If you’re ready to be more efficient and build your bottom line, contact us at 815-334-3600 or by email at [email protected]. We’re proud to serve our longtime clients and welcome the opportunity to help new customers.

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