KELCO has a long and successful history of working with the world’s biggest brands. Our partnership with Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, has enabled us to supply precision-engineered components to some of the most powerful aircraft in the world, including the CH-53K, the U.S. Military’s largest and heaviest cargo helicopter.

ch53k cockpit trim

KELCO is proud to supply grips and switches for Sikorsky’s CH-53K heavy-lift cargo helicopter, which can move more cargo, fuel, equipment, and Marines than any other military-grade helicopter. The CH-53K is designed to operate long-term on an ocean vessel and withstand corrosive environments, and only the CH-53K can lift 100% of a U.S. Marine Corps battalion’s vehicles from ship to shore, enabling Marines to deploy anywhere in the world.

Guardian, a division of KELCO, was awarded the CH-53K contract in January 2008 and soon embarked on engineering, manufacturing, and development. In the production process, KELCO developed a triple redundant 5-way switch, and the CH-53K was the first production program to use a quick investment casting process with no tooling involved.

Production began in 2014 with development of the CH-53K based in Palm Beach, Florida, with low-rate initial production based in Stratford, Connecticut.

Because the CH-53K operates in precision-critical situations, it has come to rely on the accuracy and durability of KELCO’s grips and switches.

“We’re honored to work with Sikorsky to supply engineered components to the CH-53K,” says Kevin Kelly, CEO of KELCO. “The CH-53K works in mission critical environments and relies on the accuracy of all of its parts and components. In this way, KELCO is proud to help support our U.S. troops and make their missions that much safer in the process.”

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